Day 1 & 2 – Finland, Estonia, Latvia

Video for days 1,2 and 3 (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Liethuania)

Since I was still recovering of the greatest wedding ever – thanks again Mia and Jon – we decided to leave on Monday with the last ferry and do the last things with time and thought. The last night before trip was spent in a tent and last minute decision was to change the three season sleeping bags to summer versions. So last minute shopping and new Halti’s gear was backed on bikes without testing… Everything else was on place, so we were ready well before dead line. At Eurohostel lobbyThe weather seemed great at the time of last-ferry-decision and of we went to Tallinn. The plan was to drive an hour or two and camp for the night. But since there were thunder storms at Tallinn we chickened out and took the Eurohostel (very nice local place, with great cost ratio) at the outskirts of Tallinn. And there, for the first time on this trip, the good fortune and nicest people were behind our plan, our bikes were also welcomed to the hotel: they spent the night at the lobby, just in front of the reception desk. Day 2 started rainy so we were not in a hurry. We had both drove at Estonia quite a bit, so we did not spend too much time there, even it is one of my favorites. So we drove in the rain to Latvia where, at Valga, we realized that my bike’s radiator is leaking. We bought 4 pastries, coffee and tea for us and 5 liters water for KTM and just kept going. The Latvian roads were great: small tarmac roads which were at surprisingly great shape and lots of huge dirt roads you were able to drive really fast. The houses were both weary and in beautiful shape, and you could see traces of Soviet Union and the once-been-kolkhozys here and there. IMG_20150707_194942455_HDRThe camp was set to a beautiful spot on the river bend and we had some left-over-last-years-camp-food for dinner, which tasted great! The sleeping bags were warm enough, but – like always in a tent – several times at the night you woke up and put on some clothes or open the zipper to cool down or listen to the sounds around you. Still we managed to sleep almost 10 hours! I am traveling together with uti, with whom we have been driven together almost 10 000 kilometers in Finland, Lapland, Estonia and Marocco. Later we might get company, but you never know. After all, this is quite vulnerable sport, it is better not make solid plans for a long term. Not even for a short term…

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